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Greasy Listening | Exotica | Obscure Beats Curious Sextronica


  1. Intro           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  2. Line Renaud - Sexe           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  3. Jean Seberg - Hiasmina           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  4. Haruomi Hosono - Exotic Dance           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  5. Chaino and his African Percussion Safari - The Jungle Chase           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  6. Tender - A Train           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  7. Joy Bamgbola - Wet Lips           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  8. Rare Earth - Come With Me           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  9. Fab - Orgasmic Blues           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  10. SiRenée - Orgasm           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  11. Rita - Erotica           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  12. Suzie Seacell - Me And My Vibrator           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  13. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Bite It           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  14. The Groovers - Groovy           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  15. John & Jackie - Little Girl           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  16. White Noise - My Game Of Loving           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  17. Orchester Albert van Dam - Zoom Party           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  18. Erotica - Bedspring Symphony           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  19. Lotte & Leherb - Irre Gut           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  20. Sensuously SINthesized - Scented Wind           30 sec. Pre-Listen


Vol. 1 BITE IT!

Ladies & Gentlemen!
Welcome to HEAVY breathing! Vol. 1

Enter the sonic worlds of passionate moanings and groanings, of noisy hyperventilation and orgiastic screams. So relax and let’s take a trip into the manifold worlds of sound sexualization. You may think this genre started in 1969 with the now legendary and then scandalous “Je t’aime... moi non plus” by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg. You may miss this tune on this collection, but due to legal problems, we weren’t able to use the song. However, the popular music of the 20th century made its first heavy breathings as early as the age of shellacs, in the jazz age, to be precise. But those musical breezers are already nearly all well documented on several compilations that came out in the last few years. So after collecting more than 60 hours of heavy breathing over the last seven years, we decided to start in 1951 and continue on until 2006. There
fore our first volume features the obscure and artificial paradises of exotica, erotica and also narcotica.
Music for the imaginary red-light district and burlesque show within your own four walls. Heavy breathing for lonely bachelors, porn soundtracks for lonely groove tracks. Erotic sound art meets acoustic porn magazines. The sublime meets the explicit. Veiled mystery meets naked obscenity. And just as in real life it’s not easy to differentiate between the two aspects. But why should we? This has always been the dirty work of the censors. What you will find here is a selection of pop music that is a cross between “For Adults Only”, sleaze and trash and the exploitation of the wildest fantasies of the sexual revolution. So you will meet hipsters, swingers, beatniks, dope heads and groove teasers from virtually the entire last half of the last century. Some of this may sound like elevator or furniture music arranged on the drawing board or the
assembly line. The products of horny late-night sessions under the influence of sexual desires and too much alcohol. But these facts don’t reduce the campy pleasures at all! On the contrary – it feeds them like hell!
So stay cool, be hot and relish those pleasures joyfull thru your ears!

Fritz Ostermayer / Didi Neidhart


01 | INTRO
A warning accompanied by a church organ, telling you not to listen any further if you’re underage. Taken from “Im Wunderland der Triebe”, a crazy trip through the sexual revolution from a German perspective, released by the satirical magazine “Pardon” in the town of Frankfurt in the year 1968!

02 | LINE RENAUD | Sexe
Let’s be blunt, the best easy-listening music is like a velvet soundtrack to foreplay. It’s the sonic aphrodisiac of forbidden desires, strange feelings and bizarre experiences. And don’t forget: sex originates in the brain. Like this vision of French kissing in the USA from the record with the kinky title “Plaisirs (At The Casino de Paris)”, where Line Renaud played together with the Golden Gate Quartet and was sometimes visited by Elvis.

03 | JEAN SEBERG | Hiasmina
Sounds like an opium induced dream mixed with exotic spices but is in fact taken from the movie “Kill!” – a cheap and typically nasty 1970s Eurotrash flick with Seberg and Curd Jürgens, James Mason, secret agents, porn merchants, drug dealers and an extremely high death rate. Jean Seberg is well-known for her role in Jean Luc Godard’s groundbreaking nouvelle vague classic from 1960 “À bout de souffle” (“Breathless”).
Later she became involved in anti-war politics and was associated with the Black Panther Party; she was therefore the target of an undercover campaign by the FBI to discredit her. In 1979 she was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a Paris suburb.

04 | HARUOMI HOSONO | Exotic Dance
This remix from the Charles Wilp compilation “Michelangelo In Space. The Bunny Remixes” by Yellow Magic Orchestra member Haruomi Hosono brings together all your fantasies about Japan, mangas and bondage.
A medley of experiences in the realms of exotica, erotica and narcotica. Just think about a jungle filled with strings and special female pleasures under palm trees or a waterfall.

In real life, the name of the mysterious Chaino was simply Leon Johnson and he came from a jungle called Chicago. With his eerie and loony fake exotica he was a little star of the genre in the late 1950s and 1960s.
In this weird track you can imagine a white woman caught by wild savages. But it’s not so clear what she really feels – fear or lust. And everyone knows that what the white man fears most is that white girls desire what they see and feel deep in the jungle.

06 | TENDER | A Train
Getting inspiration for putting together a compilation like this from listening to special kinds of records or just collecting different genres of incredibly strange music is one thing. Quite another to be confronted with “it” in your real life, in your own flat! So one day IntimDJ Cpt. Schneider came home late at night (or early in the morning) after working at some club in Munich and saw that he had a new message on his answering machine. And what he heard – a woman’s voice, breathing and pretending that she’s “a train”– nearly knocked him out of his shoes and mind. It also gave him one of the initial ideas of putting together more stuff like this. But he wanted more. So he called the finest exponents of Munich’s world famous music scene, including Markus Acher (The Notwist, Tied & Tickled Trio) on drums and egg, Carl Oesterhelt (F.S.K., Carlo Fashion) on bongos, Albert Pöschl (Queen Of Japan, Dis*ka) on e-piano, organ, bass and guitar, to work out this tune.
Mr. Schneider himself is responsible for the organ solo (his first ever) and the vocals of course come from the Unknown Answering Machine Lady. Who says life is not full of wonders?

Written, arranged & produced by Hias Schaschko & Albert Pöschl
Copyright Control, (p) 2006 in Munich, www.ladies-and-gentlemen.com

07 | JOY BAMGBOLA | Wet Lips
This a cappella tune lifts the veil to reveal a hypnotic female-to-female interaction in a nearly supernatural, almost magic but highly luring atmosphere. No wonder singer Joy Bamgbola is praised by the press for giving our ears “schizophrenic vocal experiences”.

08 | RARE EARTH | Come With Me (Album version)
Written and produced by Norman Whitfield – the psychedelic wizard of Tamla Motown, who also transformed bands like The Temptations and The Undisputed Truth into funky freak-outs – this Latinesque piece from Rare Earth’s “Ma” (1973) moans and groans with lotsa wah-wah, smooth organs and mellow saxophones. A real spaced-out soul trip into adult pleasure.

09 | FAB | Orgasmic Blues
Let’s slide into the swampy delta with this frankly phallic tune about a guitar, a bottleneck and one hell of a snakelike female voice. On the other hand, it’s not so clear whether the blues turns the lady on or the lady makes the blues hot. But doing it together is always better than doing it alone. Taken from a record entitled “I Didn’t Choose The Mood”. We don’t know why ...

10 | SiRENÉE | Orgasm
Nothing is natural! Nothing is God given! If you wanna have fun or give someone else a good time, you have to learn how to do it right. You need instructions! Like this song about female pleasures with heavy breathing in stereo and the order “Fly with me to Venus”. A song absolutely beyond the phallic regime. You know, having a phallus is something completely different from being the phallus.

11 | RITA | Erotica *
This sleazy orgasmic classic lures you with a horny striptease organ and the guitar sounds of the sexual revolution under the red light. Sounds like Austin Powers for adults. At the point of no return, the guitar turns into a buzz-fuzz-lust-machine, the organ just freaks out, and both become one with the orgiastic shouts of the ecstatic woman. Now it sounds like an orgy. Made in France – where else?

12 | SUZIE SEACELL | Me And My Vibrator *
This feminist self-empowerment song about a “plastic-fantastic lover” had its first public appearance in the late mid-seventies on the seventh record released by the now famous Rhino Records (then Rhino Brothers). It’s simply about a machine that “may not look like Robert Redford” but can turn every woman into a queen or a movie star. Just start it, listen to the “Buzz Buzz”, shift the gears, enjoy yourself and don’t forget, “It ain’t
the meat, it’s the motion”.

Our man on Voodoo Lane! Usually he drinks alligator wine but in this case he’s into something completely different. So you better follow his orders (“Smell it!” – “Lick it!” – “Chew it!” – “Eat it!” – “Suck it!”) and make sure to listen to his last words, “Don’t suck lemon, suck sense!”

14 | THE GROOVERS | Groovy *
Welcome to the world of the burlesque. This funny tune by lost off-Vegas strippers gives you everything you need for a hip twilight cruise: a hip and new slang word (“groovy”), a topless saxophone in full effect and a drunken party-crowd. Don’t ask me if they know what “groovy” really means – but they shout it like they know one thing for sure: it’s gotta be something cool and nasty!

15 | JOHN & JACKIE | Little Girl *
This hot 1950s piece of wax went straight on the blacklist within just a few weeks after its release. Why? you ask. Because it’s one of rock history’s most explicit combinations of a guitar solo (always one note higher...) with a heavily breathing, moaning and groaning woman (or girl). But you have to listen carefully to these young male fantasies, because the girl isn’t their girlfriend – they just wish she were. So whom is she having sex with in this number?

16 | WHITE NOISE | My Game Of Loving
This legendary “cosmic-electronic-space-rock” band released their groundbreaking debut “An Electric Storm” in 1968. With lotsa electronic gimmicks and bizarre sounds, the record seems like a bastard mix between Beach Boyish vocal harmonies gone wrong and a little too many psychedelic substances in the body. In this tune we can witness the mixing of an “electronic orgy” with a real one. Can you hear the difference?

What’s the function of an orgasm? It should split you into pieces! And this is exactly what these nearly free and abstract rhythms and sonic mayhem sound like. Am I a saxophone or a guitar? Man or woman? Earthling or alien? And why do we only hear a woman in ecstasy? Was this record also meant to please lesbians? The B-side is called “Natasha”, by the way.

18 | EROTICA | Bedspring Symphony *
What is this? Someone testing a mattress during a ritual full of bouncing drums and crying his heart and soul out? Is this a woman? Is this a man? Or are they both nothing of the kind? Are we witnessing non-human sex? Are we listening to some queer voodoo gods of undefinable sex? Who knows? But what we know is that this piece of “music” was part of a project called “365 Days”, where people were invited to send a bizarre mp3 for every day of the year. This is one of the most bizarre files, also released (after “two years of research,” as the liner notes proudly say) in Hollywood, California, on the album “Erotica – The Rhythms of Love”.

19 | LOTTE & LEHERB | Irre Gut
The land of Freud, Hitler and the Lipizzan horses has spawned this sound of music! Wild and slightly decadent sex on the staircase seems to be the Viennese style of spontaneous intercourse. Leherb was a bizarre artist from the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism, and Lotte Profohs, the woman you hear on the record, was his beautiful muse. He dressed and behaved like a Renaissance prince, called himself “Maître” Leherb, and was of course a big fan of Serge Gainsbourg. Maybe that’s the reason why the lovers decided to drink two big glasses of vodka orange after they finished their orgy.

Since the beginnings of electronic music, synthetic sounds and sexual and erotic desires have always made a nice couple, as in this 1970s male/female-duo cybersex fantasy from a record called “The Sounds of Love...
A To Zzzz” about the sexual stimulation of mind and body via electronic impulses. Music as sex science with a touch of s&m. Aren’t some musicians like mad scientists? And don’t forget, the best way to the ultimate orgasm is the sound of two notes, repeated constantly!

Didi Neidhart


Thank you very very much: Cpt. Davidopoulos, Jörn Heinecker, Didi Neidhart, Fritz Ostermayer, Albert Pöschl, Eduard Rühmann

Thank you very much: Markus Acher, Charlotte Amman, Sandra Bellet, Markus Binder, Stefan Bogner, Roque Boulanger, Manuel da Coll, Steve Cox, An Dorthe Braker, Martin Dessecker, Thomas Diener, HP Falkner, Michael Feix, Sabine Gietzelt, Tilman Goehler, Walter Gröbchen, Heinz Gumpelmayr, Hän, Hamburgman, Bodo Hanusa, Renatinha Heilmeier, Herr Hermes, Wolfgang Hörmann, Barbara Holzherr, Sabine Kastius, Horst Klein, Uwe Kirbach, Diana Kienberger, Renate Knaup, MC Kostek, Christina Kretschmer, Tom Kretschmer, Antje Kunstmann, Toshio Kusaba, Kalle Laar, Laufi, Martin Lickleder, Ulli Mack-Pfeiffer, Thomas Meinecke, Kate Messer, Frank Müller, Andreas Neumeister, Carl Oesterhelt, Manfred von Papen, Hans Platzgumer, Lea Rothdach, Anna Schaschko, Judith Schnaubelt, Ferdinand Schuster, Franz-Maria Sonner, Olli Suthau, Ivica Vukelits, Ba Weigel, Stefan Werner & the unknown telephone lady on track six & all who helped & everyone I forgot...




HEAVYbreathing! - Vol. 1 BITE IT!


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