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Funky Pleasures | Soulfull Body Languages | Bouncy Buttshakes


  1. Pete ‘Guitar’ Lewis feat. Little Esther Phillips - Ooh Midnight           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  2. Ike & Tina Turner - Doin’ It           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  3. Chakachas - Jungle Fever           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  4. Swamp Dogg - If It Hadn‘t Been For Sly           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  5. Grace Jones - Feel Up           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  6. Hexstatic Rewind - The Horn           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  7. Kool Keith - Lick My Ass           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  8. N*E*R*D - Stay Together           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  9. De La Soul feat. Shell Council - Pawn Star           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  10. Lil’ Kim - Custom Made (Give It To You)           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  11. James Rivers - Thrill Me           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  12. Intimate Strangers - Love Sounds           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  13. The Sisters Love - Give Me Your Whisper           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  14. Big Joe & Fay - Dub A Dawta           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  15. Charlie Ace & Fay - Punanny           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  16. Lorna - Papi Chulo... Te Traigo El Mmmm           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  17. Tokia Ska Paradise Orchestra - Abracadabra (Moodman Rmx.)           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  18. DJ Qbert - Aphrodisiskratch           30 sec. Pre-Listen




Ladies & Gentlemen!
Welcome to HEAVY breathing! Vol. 2

So relax and let’s take a trip into the manifold worlds of sound sexualization. You may think this genre started in 1969 with the now legendary and then scandalous “Je t’aime... moi non plus” by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg. However, the popular music of the 20th century made its first heavy breathings as early as the jazz age. So after collecting more than 60 hours of heavy breathing music over the last seven years, we decided to give you stuff from the early 1950s till now. For our second volume we pick up the threads of the jazz age we found in the various genres of so-called “Black Music”, the voices from the African-American diaspora. Starting with the rural scenes of the post World War II chicken circuits, we will lead you to modern urban flavors. But you will also hear some kinda different perspectives of heavy breathing, based on the oral tradition of the funky and sexy wordplays by the (re)signifying monkey, the different relationships of an eroticized spiritualism and a spiritualized eroticism (as you may know: modern pop music started by just singing “Girl” instead of “Jesus” to the chords of old gospel songs), the lyrical vocal battles (the precursors of rap), and the fight for equal rights in the USA. Because in the 1950s, at a time when African-American males were still being called “Boy” (or “Jimbo”), singing “I’m A Man” was also a political statement. On the other hand, court decisions that refuse to recognize special aspects
of African-American art forms (e.g. the oral tradition of word play, lyrical battles) as “art” (which means that they are not protected by the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech) have reinforced racial censorship in the USA. And of course – talking and singing about sex in a signifying “black” way is the main subject the white moral majority is fighting against. A “black thang” they will never understand? But do we? Maybe not everything, but we believe in the creative potential of productive misunderstandings and listen to the arguments of the rhythms.
So stay cool, be hot and relish those pleasures joyfull thru your ears!

Fritz Ostermayer / Didi Neidhart


This ultra-slow rhythm & blues teaser from the former Johnny Otis sideman was recorded in Los Angels one hot night in August 1951. The crooner is none other than a gal later known as Esther Phillips, who’s nearly losing herself in this tune. Yes! What a difference a night makes! Sadly, Lewis “succumbed to winoism”, as Otis said in an interview in 1970, but this song will shine on through the darkest hours.

02 | IKE & TINA TURNER | Doin’ It
This relationship was not an easy one! But it produced this tough sex funk. Like in the best tunes of so-called “horizontal soul”, the invitation “Come closer” also means that the listeners should move in and listen closer to the music. This call-up to have sex with the music was first released in 1969 on the album “Come Together”, we took this version from the superbly titled sampler “Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter”. And indeed – this is what this song is all about!

03 | CHAKACHAS | Jungle Fever (Single version)
One of the most mysterious and at the same time influential Latino disco-funk tracks ever! No one really knows who the musicians were. Some people guess they came from French Guyana and recorded this tune in Belgium. It made the Top Ten in the USA in 1972 and has stayed on the disco floors since then, having been sampled by The Beatnuts, 2 Live Crew and Public Enemy among others. Here, too, the sexual fantasies (of Anglo-American and German listeners) are fuelled by moans and groans in Spanish (the most-used “foreign” sex language in pop music after French). Mix this with a low-riding, slow-burning groove and some kinda 1970s porn/sex soundtrack appeal, and you’ve got yourself a real hit. It’s also very funny that this time there’s no guitar, organ or saxophone releasing the orgasms – all they need is a pair of funky maracas!

04 | SWAMP DOGG | If It Hadn’t Been For Sly
Born as Jerry Williams, Jr., this man is in a class of his own. As a songwriter and producer he was responsible for hits by artists like Gene Pitney, Z.Z. Hill, Wilson Pickett, Little Richard, Irma Thomas or Loretta Lynn. As a guitar player he is a god of the funky and swampy wah-wah. This track, taken from his 1972 recording “Cuffed, Collared & Tagged”, would deserve a complete article, but we try to keep it short! Just listen to the high male (!) voices praising their love for Sly Stone in full ecstasy. Did you ever wonder why this male falsetto is so typical of black music? Yes, this voices of indefinite sex are like a spiritual experience, turning men in love into some kinda feminine beings.

05 | GRACE JONES | Feel Up
Is she a male? Or an alien female? Or an animal? A (fe)manimal? When Grace Jones emerged on the dancefloors and airwaves she brought more than just a little bit of gender trouble into the world of pop. Glamorous and aggressive, erotic and skinny, untouchable and offensive – Grace Jones has never fit into one genre.
But she has always been at the fore of new mixing technologies. Beginning with mixes by DJ-pioneer Tom Moulton (who also made it into the hall of fame of DJ culture for inventing the 12” maxi-single) she had her biggest hits together with the reggae superstars Sly & Robbie. Like this hypnotic trippy and trancey, nearly machine-like dominatrix tune, remixed for the US by Danny Tenaglia.

Some horny horn on the way to either a blue-movie cinema, a peepshow or a strip joint. Released on Ninja Tune in 2000, this cut demonstrates how an orgasm (or some orgasms) can be put together completely new with the help of only a modern sampler – the real digital sex machine of our time!

07 | KOOL KEITH | Lick My Ass
The former founding member of the futuristic Bronx hiphop crew Ultramagnetic MC’s takes us on a scratched tour de force deep into the land of wah-wah porn funk under the spinning sign of u r anus.... Hiphop in the name of Marquis de Sade! No wonder if we just think about the aliases of Mr. Keith (Black Elvis, Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom). A real piece of hardcore, found on his album “Sex Style” and released on Funky Ass Records in 2001. Want more?

08 | N.E.R.D | Stay Together
The top rhythm & blues producers of the new millennium in search of a lost love. Backed with the rhythmic bones of a transformed marching-band groove and a Beatlesque organ, our boys in lost love howl and breathe till they turn nearly hysterical. There must be something that makes it so easy for Afro-American men to sing like this. But maybe it is this slipping into a kinda feminized subject that produces shouts like “Bitch!” directed at the girl that was the queen of heaven on earth just two verses before. Taken from the milestone album “In Search Of ...” (2002).

09 | DE LA SOUL feat. SHELL COUNCIL | Pawn Star (explicit LP version)
What’s a porn star doing in the Daisy Age? Good question! But this time the male fantasies are more hyperreal than a pink shot in a real porn flick. Just ask yourself which adult man must smash his piggy bank to get the money to impress a porn queen? Taken from the 2001 release “Aoi:Bionix”, this is a critical comedian statement about oversexed gangsta frauds.

10 | LIL’ KIM | Custom Made (Give It To You)
“The Notorious KIM” kicked off in 2000 with this aggressively sleazy and nasty manifesto about self-defined female sexploitation! Based on the legendary techno-orgasm anthem “French Kiss” by Lil’ Louis Lil’ Kim shows you how to take care of business herself. The bitch as pimp. But what’s much more important: This track was one of the first tunes that mixed electronica (techno, house) with breakbeats (hiphop, r&b).

11 | JAMES RIVERS | Thrill Me
Born in New Orleans and on tour with Jerry Butler, The Impressions and Huey Smith (to name just a few), this sexy saxophone player gives us the shivers with this ultimate groover. If music is a woman, it’s no wonder why she speaks here about “My beautiful black man”.

12 | INTIMATE STRANGERS | Love Sounds *
Enter the world of elegance, extravaganza, soul and disco! The opening of this song is like the lifting of a curtain or a veil to reveal a giant bed made of velvet and satin. These disciples of Barry White are just heavenly unearthly! You can’t resist their luring pleas and suggestive offers! “Come close to me, feel me”,
whispers a woman as the female voice of music per se. And we wanna come closer and feel (the music).

13 | THE SISTERS LOVE | Give Me Your Whisper *
Times were hard in the seventies and dreams were often shattered. Like this stray cat version of Curtis Mayfield’s “Give Me Your Love”, taken straight from some dirty boulevard or the entrance of a blue-movie theater. Soul for mean streets and backdoor pleasures.

14 | BIG JOE & FAY | Dub A Dawta
“This place is not a studio”, shouts the woman at the beginning of this x-rated piece of reggae! What follows is one of the most intensive examples of sexual intercourse with music ever put on tape and released on Trojan Records in 1973. Just listen closely as the bass drum dubs the body into ecstasy!

15 | CHARLIE ACE & FAY | Punanny
The word “punanny” is of West Indian origin and means “cunt” or “pussy”. In this explicit reggae tune from Trojan Records (1972) a girl is fed up with her boyfriend who likes other “punannies” as well and only visits her “for punanny”. So she calls a local radio station and tries to have sex over the phone with the DJ and especially with the music he’s playing. Sounds like “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” but with more dub techniques. Because when the DJ starts playing a “version”, it really gets “too hot!” and both need rum (and some holy smoke).

16 | LORNA | Papi Chulo... Te Traigo El Mmmm
In the summer of 2003, singer Lorna smashed the beach bars around the world with the first version of this song and made reggaeton known around the world. We don’t know if her name was directly taken from the movie “Lorna” by legendary sexploitation filmmaker Russ Meyer, but it’s possible. So here the “Queen of Reggaeton” mixes parts of Dee-Lite’s “Groove Is In The Heart” and some wild Todd Terry house sirens into a butt-shaking dream of southern libertinage. Hot, sweaty and spicy!

17 | TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA | Abracadabra (Moodman Rmx.)
Put on your funky clothes, boots and shoes and shake your body to this 1999 futuristic cut named after one of the oldest magical spells in the history of man. But beware! This music also appeals to battery-driven plastic and tin robots and kinky wind-up sex dolls! Of course this one doesn’t have that much heavy breathing, but you can add that yourself in an interactive way.

18 | DJ QBert | Aphrodisiskratch
Can a scratch make records moan & groan? Can scratching put you in a state of sexual pleasure? And what happens when you spin a record that already has heavy breathing on it back & forward? It transforms the whole thing into a Mickey-Mouse-like cartoon. But don’t ignore the voice telling you some Kinsey type of sexual education for parents about their “innocent” youth. Or did you already know that “an ejaculation in your sleep is called a seminal emission”?

Didi Neidhart


Thank you very very much: Cpt. Davidopoulos, Didi Neidhart, Judith Schnaubelt

Thank you very much: Sarah Blaetz, Annie Bräuhauser, Steve Cox, Franz Dobler, DJ DSL, Bert Estl, Roderich Fabian, Jonathan Fischer, Thomas Göhlich, Walter Gröbchen, Jörn Heinecker, Sigi Hetzke, Reini Jellen, Ivan Klein, Samir H. Köck, Christian Koebelin, Toshio Kusaba, Kalle Laar, Oliver Lehmann, Christoph Merkl, Christoph Moser, Andreas Neumeister, Noe Noack, Fritz Ostermayer, „Hugo“ Huckey Renner, Matthias Roeckl, Herbert Rometsch, Eduard Rühmann, Günther Seewald, Ivica Vukelits, Stefan Werner & all who helped & everyone I forgot...



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