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Sampled Lust | Electronic Orgasms | Digital Porn


  1. James White & the Blacks - Stained Sheets           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  2. Chris & Cosey - Infectus           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  3. Schaeben & Voss - I Was A Train           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  4. Le peuple de l‘herbe - Sexual Attraction           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  5. Luigee Trademarq - Hush Pup           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  6. Luigee Trademarq - Peep-Show Kebab           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  7. Kevin Blechdom feat. Mocky - Love You From The Heart           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  8. Sven Väth feat. Miss Kittin - Je t‘aime... Moi non plus           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  9. Khan - The 12th Commandment           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  10. Dreamsequence feat. Blake Baxter - Deeppa           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  11. Love T.K.O. - Love Thong           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  12. Hyper Crad - 3 (Backdoor Mix)           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  13. Los Chicharrons - Summer Fever           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  14. Stereo MC‘s - Stop It! Stop It! Stop It!           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  15. Twink - Fluid           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  16. Sex Acts And Orgies - First Sexual Touch           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  17. Tagaq - Still           30 sec. Pre-Listen



Vol. 3 STOP IT!

Ladies & Gentlemen!
Welcome to HEAVY breathing! Vol. 3

Enter the sonic worlds of electronically stimulated passionate moanings and groanings, of noisy hyperventilation out of the sampler and orgiastic screams of unclear origins. So after collecting more than 60 hours of heavy breathing music over the last seven years, we invite you to a journey into the manifold worlds of sound sexualization. But what does “sound sexualization” mean? Is it simply put the heritage of the now legendary and then scandalous French mega hit “Je t’aime... moi non plus” by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg? Or are we talking about more? About advanced, or should I frankly say, so-called artistically valuable transformations of sexual intercourse into pop music. Erotic sound designs meet blue movies.
Music as a sublime thing meets the explicit and the obscenely real. What is more pleasurable – the secrets, hidden behind thousands of veils, or pure, naked flesh? But also in the world of pop, where everything is exposed bigger than life, all those aspects and perspectives are only separated by a fine line. We leave this job to the dirty old men who think they will save the world thru censorship. Our third volume reaches into the artificial world of digital eroticism and the effects of going cold turkey in the aftermath of the sexual revolution. Are there really streams of subversive desires and revolutionary pleasures under the surface of stereotypical gender attributes? But didn’t those supposedly subversive powers turn into the now mainstream dogma of the permanent compulsion to be free and enjoy sex? So you may argue that pop music itself adds more to the problems than offers solutions. Okay, we too ask, how horny can a music be that blows up moanings and groanings as the codes of sexual arousal the way marching music does with trumpet blasts as the codes of martial militarism. Well, let’s put it this way: Some of the tunes may sound like furniture music for horizontal dancing, made by artists on the electronic drawing board or the digital assembly line. Sonic sexploitation between subversiveness and the twilight zones of mainstream desires.
So stay cool, be hot and relish those pleasures joyfull thru your ears!

Fritz Ostermayer / Didi Neidhart


01 | JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS | Stained Sheets
Sex as cold turkey, sex as naked lunch, sex noir over the phone. Imagine this: a man gets a hot and wet sex call and he finds this kind of intercourse through the ears “a little bit distasteful”. Or was it just a dream? Would you call the “Queen of Siam”, Lydia Lunch a.k.a. Stella Rico, that way? James White with his saxophone, fuelled by the (also haunted) spirits of Albert Ayler, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, does so on his 1979 release “Off White”. But what do you expect from New York’s “No Wave” scene of that time –
a typical male reaction to an offensive and nearly aggressive female sex call?

02 | CHRIS & COSEY | Infectus
Former members of Industrial’s godfather Throbbing Gristle, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti are not only one of the most strangest couples in the history of pop music. Even with Throbbing Gristle both set new standards in terms of radical performances (Carter with his seriously meant Abba T-shirt, Cosey with her past as an ex-porn-actress and performance artist – together with the infamous Genesis P-Orridge she was also the co-founder of the pre-TG art project COUM Transmissions). Here we have them as true disciples of the dark side of Giorgio Moroder/Donna Summer. Complete with mechanical sound sexualization, sadomasochistic appeal and a groove in leather and lace. A real slick and liquid masterpiece. Taken from the 1989 record “Trust”, that also included a title called “Percusex”.

03 | SCHAEBEN & VOSS | I Was A Train
And once more we travel the land of heavy breathing by (or better as a) train! This futuristic and slick tune about sex in a train and/or sex with/as a train was released by Kompakt Records/Cologne and opens new dimensions in having an orgasm. This time it’s lust through deconstruction with a nearly bodiless voice moaning out of a machine. A sampled, cut-up, “unnatural” orgasm for the modern lovers of queer poststructuralist theories and therefore one of our heavy breathing jukebox heroes.

04 | LE PEUPLE DE L’HERBE | Sexual Attraction
Hailing from Lyon with kaleidoscopic tunes mixed together from the vaults of funk, ragga, house, dub, hiphop, drum’n’bass and little slices of tropical rhythms, this band encounters the regions of electronica and sex with a smooth and in some ways naïve appeal. You know this kinda stuff with Vaseline on the eye of the camera. But don’t let it fool you – this tune is from the “scandalous” French movie from 2000, “Baise-moi” by Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi!

What is this? Gallic moans and groans like the French have apparently done it ever since the Marquis de Sade got his first pencil? Yes and no! Because what sounds on the surface like a typical French porn smack is a funny cross between reggae, ska and a lotta self-irony. Taken from the “Tripe-Hot” CD on Rectangle Records/France.

06 | LUIGEE TRADEMARQ | Peep-Show Kebab
Again we surf the sex waves under the sign of the big beat right into “Vampiros Lesbos” territory! Just imagine WOMEN going into peep shows as customers… If in doubt, just ask Fritz Ostermayer. For more info check out: http://www.rectangle.org

07 | KEVIN BLECHDOM feat. MOCKY | Love You From The Heart
What would sex be without gender trouble? A male fantasy at its worst. So here we give you feminist electro clash with an anarchistic punk attitude! Made by Florida-born performance artist Kristin Erickson. Swinging between some kinda innocence and drastic agitation, this wild roller-coaster ride from the “Eat My Heart Out” album (Chicks On Speed Records, 2005) shows again that any kind of “sexual revolution” has to be a feminist revolution.

08 | SVEN VÄTH feat. MISS KITTIN | Je t’aime... moi non plus
In 1969 one song changed the world of erotic pop tunes forever. Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin did their best for the history of heavy breathing. And so did nearly millions of others. We chose this track from 2002 with German techno star Sven Väth and the wonderful Miss Kittin from Grenoble, because it sounds like a 1969 “popcorn” version of the original song, full of innocent electronic toy gimmicks and funny synthesizer bleeps.

09 | KHAN | 12th Commandment
Explicit porn talk either from a lady on the other side of a porn hot line or the instruction record you sometimes got with the purchase of a rubber doll in the seventies (in case the customer didn’t know how to handle his new plastic partner). Infused with tiny little spooky sounds this tune has something special. But as Khan (Can Oral) once said: “Everybody knows that our music deals with sex”. So it’s also no wonder that he worked together with both Lydia Lunch and Diamanda Galas and contributed one track to the soundtrack of Bruce LaBruce’s movie “Raspberry Reich”.

The “prince of techno”, who was already kicking the floor with tunes like “Sexuality” and “Fuck You Up”, in full effect! Electronic horny-phonic sleaze from Detroit packed around a fine slice of Barry White’s ultra mega bedroom classic “I’m in ecstasy when you lay right next to me”. And one of the very few examples of a really hot and not unconsciously funny breathing action by a male voice/vocalist, testifying his sexuality.

11 | LOVE T.K.O. | Love Thong
Enter slow motion disco! Enter mellow groove land! And listen to some erotique/exotique sitar sounds (!) and spacey electronic bleeps deep from the heart of disco heaven! Again, a woman with a strange French accent is catching our attention. But does she come out of the ocean or space? Is she Barbarella from Atlantis?
A perfect tune for cruising or just strolling around. And another fine example of falling into electronic ecstasy while doing it with music machines! Futuristic love starts here! Released on Howie B.’s Pussyfoot Records Ltd. in 1998.

12 | HYPER CARD | 3 (Backdoor Mix)
It only must have a French tongue... Heavy breathing, groaning and moaning as music. Is this a real guitar? Yes! But with a bizarre sadomasochistic mystery-thriller appeal! But why do men who groan and moan in full sexual ecstasy always sound sound kinda funny? Or is it just that old piece of blues wisdom that says: Men don’t know, but the little girls understand...

13 | LOS CHICHARRONS | Summer Fever
If the first words of a song are “I’m sexy”, you don’t have to ask for more. Your body heat will automatically turn subtropical. But you may start wondering about the melodies Ramon Santana and Morten Varano put together for this tune, coming from strange places like funky spaghetti western saloons and some weird science fiction B-movie planets. And what about this strange isola lesbos dancehall appeal? Is this just a sonic hallucination under the hot summer sun (or sin)? We don’t know, but we enjoy this psychedelic persuasion.

14 | STEREO MC’s | Stop It! Stop It! Stop It!
Why stop it? Let’s get it on and on and on! But you know, supported by dopey beats and a special breeze flavor you can only find in the hiphop sound of Bristol. Time is only relative. So relax and enjoy this funky mantra.

15 | TWINK | Fluid *
Sex after too many psychedelic experiences! Imagine something like liquid West Coast rock in a state of detoxication taking a swinging journey into Death Valley. Taken from the 1970 record “Think Pink” by drummer, vocalist Twink (The Pink Fairies), some kinda missing link between Syd Barrett’s madcap tunes and the fairy tales of Tyrannosaurus Rex. No wonder because T.Rex’s Steve Peregrin Took was part of this project but ultimately fired by Marc Bolan after he found out that his partner was playing with other guys. The song is in fact the product of a weird free jam (like other songs with titles like “Mexican Grass War”) building up to a groovy maelstrom until everything falls into the vortex of pure ecstasy.

16 | SEX ACTS AND ORGIES | First Sexual Touch *
The first exploration of the body as aural sculpture! Not a bad idea. From now on your hands and your fingers are your best friends! But don’t think about this tune as having only been made for the ears of male voyeurs. Because this one has a nearly cosmic message, dealing with the “erogenous zone” as the direct way to your subconscious (or the other way round). “A hyperreal state”, as the liner notes say. An “experience”, a – yes! – “trip” and a “meditation”. A real sexploitation covered as a freaky sixties experience.

17 | TAGAQ | Still
This Inuit folk singer (full name Tanya Tagaq Gillis), who also worked together with Björk and the Kronos Quartet, shows us a glimpse of the high techniques of Inuit throat singing. As you may know – sex happens in the mind and therefore sexual stimulation only thru the voice can give you more than the average body can offer: it’s imagination off limits (maybe also the general subject of our collection). An intimate piece for close listening but with a certain feel of arctic loneliness.

Didi Neidhart


Thank you very very much: Cpt. Davidopoulos, Didi Neidhart, Andreas Neumeister

Thank you very much: Annie Bräuhauser, Steve Cox, Roderich Fabian, Jakob Feigl, Martin Fengel, Walter Gröbchen, Erhard Grundl, Jörn Heinecker, Tom Ising, Tom Kimmig, Wayne Lenniger, Christian Lyra, Sissa Marquardt, Eva Mair, Lisa Miletic, Fritz Ostermayer, Andrea Posteiner, Nike Rasche, Eduard Rühmann, Manu Rzytki, Markus Schmölz, Judith Schnaubelt, Bodo Teising, Upstart, Christiane Wechselberger, Stefan Werner, Ulrike Zöller & all who helped & everyone I forgot...




HEAVYbreathing! - Vol.3 STOP IT!


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