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Disco Extravaganza | Kinky House Tunes | Ecstatic Techno


  1. Raze - Break 4 Love www.break4love.com           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  2. Montana Sextet feat. C’ Loni Brooks - Ohh I Love That!!           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  3. Mark Grant - Touch Me           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  4. Bam Bam - Give It To Me (12” Mix)           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  5. Il Diskokaines (marflo W & Princess Superstar) - Lick The Alphabet           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  6. Anneli Drecker - Sexy Love (Röyksoop Remix)           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  7. Whirlpool Productions - I Just Don‘t Know           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  8. Bel Amour - Bel Amour           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  9. Travelling Virgins - F**k That P***y           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  10. Armand van Helden feat. Mita - Entra mi Casa           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  11. Thick Dick - Orgasm           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  12. Basement Jaxx - Same Old Show           30 sec. Pre-Listen
  13. Gretchen - Freak Le Boom Boom           30 sec. Pre-Listen



Vol. 4 TOUCH ME!

Ladies & Gentlemen!
Welcome to HEAVY breathing! Vol. 4

Enter the sonic worlds of digital passions, of weird moanings and groanings stimulated by electricity, of ecstatic hyperventilation on the dance floor and orgiastic screams of both humans and machines. So after collecting more than over 60 hours of heavy breathing music over the last seven years, this time we try to lure you into our very special cybernautic pleasure dome. Our fourth volume deals with a simple question. Do music machines have sex when connected together? Can we say that a 303 and an 808 have intercourse when linked via a cable? This is neither a provocative question nor a joke. Like disco, house and techno were also mainly generated, developed and enjoyed by sexual and ethnic minorities. If you’re already an alien in society (because of your skin or your queer sexual desires or both), why not push the envelope of this status even further by reinventing and constructing yourself via or as a machine? It is electronic music that signaled the advent of the aliens in the sci-fi movies which has remained the norm since the 1950s. Let the rockers have their phallic guitars – the real robocock tool per se. So it’s no wonder that some of the most advanced transformations of sexual intercourse and erotic desires and pleasures into pop music come from people who program machines or feed samplers. But they have also changed the thinking about sex, gender and race already. Frequencies that really go thru your body will also have effects on the minds of the body owners. And yes, this is the paradox of electronic music for posthuman societies – it redefines your body and reconstructs it thru sonic waves. Of course, this is still a futuristic point of view and like every utopian idea these aspects of sound sexualization also had their backlashes and mechanical music made by machines also reestablished role stereotypes. Also even the most bizarre disco extravaganza can be listened to by a straight ear. You may not catch the campy pleasures but still be on the dance floor. And what else is dancing than a transformation of reality into an imaginary space and a body language full of sexual and erotic signals? On this volume you may also miss Donna Summer, but due to legal problems, we weren’t allowed to use her music. So stay cool, be hot and relish those pleasures joyfull thru your ears!

Fritz Ostermayer / Didi Neidhart


01 | RAZE | Break 4 Love
Since it topped the Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts in 1988, this house anthem produced by the studio-only project Raze (multi-instrumentalist Vaughan Mason and soul singer Keith Thompson) has been getting remix treatment almost every two years. And also younger ones who never entered a club or a disco will be familiar with this tune, because it’s featured in the “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” video game as well.
Later Thompson released the 1992 underground classic “The Rhythm Of Life”, originally produced by Tony Humphries and with a helping hand from Todd Terry and Masters At Work. If you want do know more about this tune, just check out www.break4love.com. Not every song has its own homepage!

02 | MONTANA SEXTET feat. C’ Loni Brooks | Ooh I Love That!!
Enter disco heaven with Vincent Montana Jr., who has influenced the development of dance music since the early 1970s as a producer, arranger, composer and conductor. As a core member of the rhythm section for Philadelphia International Records (together with drummer Earl Young and bassist Ronnie Baker, who inflamed the floors of the world as The Trammps with their unforgettable “Disco Inferno” some time later) Montana co-created the Philly Sound and later on was responsible for New York’s finest address of modern dance music: SalSoul Records! With the Salsoul Orchestra he transformed the sound of disco into cinema-scopic dimensions! With lotsa strings, cow bells, space guitars and rhythm and blues-based dance grooves. No wonder that early hiphop DJs like Grandmaster Flash used this stuff. Just listen to “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flesh On The Wheels Of Steel” and you will recognize parts of “Ooh I Love That”, which was also released by the Salsoul Orchestra twice! One time as “Chicago Bus Stop” on their 1975 debut and as “Ooh, I Love It (Love Break)” in the very same year, remixed by DJ pioneer Shep Pettibone, whose name we also know from some Madonna 12”s from the 1980s.

03 | MARK GRANT | Touch Me
No collection of tunes about heavy breezers would be complete without a track from Curtis Alan Jones’ (Green Velvet, Cajmere) Chicago-based Cajual Records. So here we get uplifting sex house with copulating machines in a state almost out of their initial programs. Pure electricity!

04 | BAM BAM | Give It To Me (Original 12“ Mix)
This is an acid BASS massage for the whole body! Like sex between two machines in an imaginary techno peep show with the Peeping Tom yelling and shouting “Give it to me, baby”. In fact Chicago resident Chris “Bam Bam” Westbrook bought one of these machines from the legendary godfather of house, Marshall Jefferson, for about $100. A real exhaulting body expanding classic and a real floor smasher since its original release in 1988.

05 | IL DISKOKAINES (marflo W & Princess Superstar) | Lick The Alphabet
Supa dupa Italo fake house from the beaches of the Danube in Vienna. But like they mentioned in an interview, they’re around everywhere – New York, Miami, London and, of course, Vienna. Because in all those places you can “lick the alphabet”. Even if you just took a middle-class holiday in a cheap Italian beach hotel full of horny Germans and Austrians. But with an infectious good taste for house. No wonder because this number is produced by a guy calling himself Patricio Pulsinger. And we know – this fella is an expert in the field of musical “porn”.

06 | ANNELI DRECKER | Sexy Love (Röyksopp Remix)
The Norwegian singer and member of the band Bel Canto may also be known for her collaborations with acts like Jah Wobble, Röyksopp and a-ha (!), but this time she just goes way beyond earth. If there is a disco somewhere in outta space, this tune (produced in Norway!) will be one of the alien’s favorite soundtracks on their exploration forays into the sex techniques of other planets and star systems. Like many space tunes this one also travels with some kinda juvenile naivety through the land of erotic pleasures. But don’t miss the monster groove! It fuels this “ship” perfectly through time and space.

These three DJs, journalists and producers (Hans Nieswandt, Eric D. Clark, Justus Köhncke) started their journey through clubland at the famous and legendary “Rose Club” in Cologne in 1990. In 1996 they topped the Italian charts for weeks with their now classic “Dense Music”. Grounded deep in the history of dance music (both as passionate lovers and as analytic theorists of all aspects of the genre) their tunes were always something special. Like this one with moaning and groaning men in a real whirlpool of liquid house and kinky disco beats. But sometimes it also sounds like men doing a hard job on their bikes – maybe a little reference to Kraftwerk’s “Tour De France” (in some ways another heavy breathing classic).

08 | BEL AMOUR | Bel Amour (Vocal Club Mix)
This French house act (Jean Claude Sindress, Edouard de Tricasse and Franck Keller) is one of the hottest acts in swinging Paris. Mixing and filtering house and disco strings with a light flavor of Miami bass, this tune is in fact a velvet love song for the darker corners of your favorite club.

09 | TRAVELLING VIRGINS | F**k That P***y *
Enter Pornoland! This is maybe the most offensive and sexist hard-core track of all our volumes! A crude Eurotrash sexploitation tune with no chance for “ironic” escapes. Explicit and primitive as hell and a true killer for every swinger club DJ or owner of suburban disco pleasure domes with an included sauna area...

10 | ARMAND VAN HELDEN feat. MITA | Entra Mi Casa
Adult entertainment from the man who also brought us “Funk Phenomena” and co-invented UK garage. Also well known for remixing everybody from Ace of Base to Jimmy Somerville to Sneaker Pimps to New Order to Tori Amos and for opening shows for the Rolling Stones and Janet Jackson. So it’s no wonder that this tune sounds like Balearic sex for the modern jet-set. Something like a wet postcard from some very libertine
Hispanic rave joint.

11 | THICK DICK | Orgasm
To put “Caligula on wax” was the aim of this alter ego of the infamous US producer E-Smoove, who over the years mixed and remixed acts like Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Mary J. Blige, The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Hailing from Chicago he was discovered by house legend Steve “Silk” Hurley. As Thick Dick, E-Smoove transforms his subterranean deep house grooves into a more tribal house style. Aggressively sexy and bouncy. Like this track we chose because it sounds exactly as the title suggests. A libidinous and
lascivious trip into the land of lust, desire and pleasure.

12 | BASEMENT JAXX | Same Old Show
Since 1999 this British duo (Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe) rule the airwaves and clubs, both under- and overground. No wonder that the press in the UK praised them as the British counterpart to French house-innovators Daft Punk, calling Basement Jaxx’s music, mostly based on phat bass lines and beats out of the garage, “Nu House”. Later on they also worked together with Missy Elliott and Justin Timberlake and supported none other than Robbie Williams on his 2006 tour. But this track we would like to call “Nu Sex” – not really clear about the sexual orientation and open for every interpretation. In fact the cover shows a young man in nearly paradisiacal innocence. But the music is also a good example of constructing sexual desires and acts with the help of a sampler reaching far over the limits of real bodies.

13 | GRETCHEN | Freak Le Boom Boom *
This is one of our most beloved songs of all four volumes! And maybe one of the reasons why we started putting together songs about “heavy breathing”. We discovered Gretchen years ago at a flea market dirt cheap and bought her record “My Name Is Gretchen” just because of the trashy cover (like Baccara for adults with a nearly naked Gretchen) and song titles like “Freak Le Boom Boom”. First we thought this nasty masterpiece of genuine European disco Latin trash (Gretchen can sing and moan and groan at the same time!), released 1979 in Milano on Copacabana Records (!), was of Italian origin. But in the meantime we’ve discovered that Gretchen is from Brazil. And still alive, around and on stage too! If you want more of her, just check out the recently released “25 Anos De Sucesso!” with all her hits and more.

Didi Neidhart


Thank you very very much: Cpt. Davidopoulos, Didi Neidhart

Thank you very much: MC Beil, Achim Bergmann, Annie Bräuhauser, Tom Carneiro, Steve Cox, Silke Eberspächer, Flatz, Walter Gröbchen, Jörn Heinecker, Michael Heinkel, Mono Records, Andreas Neumeister, Optimal Records, Fritz Ostermayer, Hannes Polta, Eduard Rühmann, Helene Rupprecht, Bea Scheuermann, Judith Schnaubelt, Stefan Werner, Christoph Wirsing, Xaver,
Georg Zoche & all who helped & everyone I forgot...




HEAVYbreathing! - Vol. 4 TOUCH ME!


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