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HEAVYbreathing! - Vol. 1 BITE IT! HEAVYbreathing! - Vol. 2 THRILL ME! HEAVYbreathing! - Vol. 3 STOP IT! HEAVYbreathing! - Vol. 4 TOUCH ME!

The Sounds Of Sex
mit DJs DD Neidhart
& IntimDJ Cpt. Schneider



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DJ Booking

IntimDJ Cpt. Schneider



Eduard Rühmann, NORMAL-Records

IntimDJ Cpt. Schneider


HEAVYbreathing! - The Sounds Of Sex

Ladies & Gentlemen!

Passionate groaning, noisy hyperventilation and orgiastic screaming – this is the musical credo behind "HEAVYbreathing! - The Sounds Of Sex!"

Compilations of “erotic songs” or sexy album covers are nothing new – but "HEAVYbreathing!" is something else! There’s never been a sampler like this wide-ranging cross-genre collection of songs old and new that really centre on the sounds of sexual arousal and ecstasy as a musical element. The story of heavy breathing in pop music didn’t begin in 1969 with "Je t'aime... moi non plus", Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg’s song that caused one of the biggest ever music scandals. This coitus musicalus met with a wave of official outrage and radio play bans world-wide. "Je t'aime" became a mega-hit!

Looking back, there have been lots of other songs that dare to combine brazen eroticism and pop. There might not be a collective name for hot and steamy songs from every genre, but there are some collectors.

Like IntimDJ Cpt. Schneider from Munich, who over the last seven years, and with plenty of support from helpers at home and abroad, has built up a wide-ranging collection of "ecstatic songs" which now runs to more than sixty hours of music. Between the many hits and flops and hidden treasures he’s unearthed tracks that are absolutely incredible, weird and obscurely bizarre.

Whether Blues, Techno, House, Disco, Soul, Easy Listening, Downbeat, New Wave, Rhythm & Blues, Reggae, Electronica, Italo-House, Exotica, Rockabilly, Funk, HipHop, Jazz, or Prog-Rock, the list goes on and on – because lust has no musical blinkers and will engage with any genre.

For copyright reasons this compilation has had to omit the occasional heavy-breathing classic. But, covering a huge period (from 1951 to 2006), this gold-digging expedition in the world of pop has more than made up for the absence of a Gainsbourg & Birkin, Donna Summer, Lil’ Louis or Prince by sifting out many an exclusive nugget of horny-phonics.


Vol. 1  BITE IT! Easy Listening, Exotica, Beat, Curious...
feat. Jean Seberg, Rare Earth, Rita, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Suzie Seacell, The Groovers, White Noise... & ein brandneuer exclusiver Track, extra für diese Compilation eingespielt.
”A Train” from ”Tender”. Mit Markus Acher (Notwist, Tied & Tickled Trio)
Carl Oesterhelt (F.S.K., Carlo Fashion
Albert Pöschl (Queen Of Japan, Dis*ka) and for the first time, der Compilator himself, ”IntimDJ Cpt. Schneider”.

Vol. 2  THRILL ME! Funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz, R&B, HipHop, Reggae, Raggaeton...
feat. Ike & Tina Turner, Chakachas, Grace Jones, Kool Keith, N.E.R.D, De La Soul, Lil’ Kim, The Sisters Love, DJ Qbert, Lorna...

Vol. 3  STOP IT! New Wave, Electro, Drum & Bass, Downbeat...
feat.James White & Lydia Lunch, Chris & Cosey, Kevin Blechdom feat. Mocky, Sven Väth feat. Miss Kittin, Khan, Blake Baxter, Stereo MCs...

Vol. 4  TOUCH ME! Disco, House, Techno...
feat. Raze, Montana Sextett, Basement Jaxx, Mark Grant, Il Discokaines feat. Princess Superstar, Anneli Drecker, Whirlpool Productions, Armand van Helden, Gretchen...



HEAVYbreathing! - The Sounds Of Sex

Erotica recordings for the imaginary red-light area in your own four walls. Steamy records for one-person households, porno soundtracks for live-alone groovers. But there is also – if it doesn’t sound too pretentious – the artistically valuable in these efforts to translate sexual intercourse into pop music. Erotic sound-art meets acoustic porno mag. The sublime meets the explicit. The enticingly concealed meets the obscenely revealed. And, like in real life, the two are often hard to distinguish. Indeed, why should we even try? After all, that’s always been the job of the censors.

Yes, we’re talking pop music between age-limits, dirty material, sexual revolution, swinger fantasies, acoustic peeping tom pleasures and subcultural attempts to make the class struggle funky by adding sex. OK, the last one didn’t seem to have worked out. Politicizing sex is one of those things. Even Playboy famously allowed its bunnies to delight in “Women’s Lib” in the 1970s ... So we’d better stick to good-old sexploitation. In other words, to the hyperreal, to the exaggerated, to lasciviously disguised innocence, to the B movie and the burlesque show, and to the waves of pleasure that flow from allegedly stereotypical gender representations.

Which brings us back to pop music and its sexy aspects. Although how sexy can music itself actually be if it has to resort to grunting and groaning as a code for the thrilling in the same way as marching music uses trumpet blasts as a code for the martial. OK, so let’s just say that these compositions have been contrived by manipulative arrangers to be used as objects that are coded as sexy. So what! If it works, the camp pleasure of listening won’t be diminished in the slightest. Quite the contrary! And so in the sleazy and decadent “HEAVYbreathing!” universe some of the treasures prove to be just false gold while others are sparkling jewels.

Stay cool - be hot!

Fritz Ostermayer / Didi Neidhart



Published on NORMAL Records: ( including the sensational Russ Meyer & Betty Page Soundtracks, and Porn To Rock (songs performed by Stars of adult Movies).


IntimDJ Cpt. Schneider, picture postcard publisher & badgeman (


Jean Seberg, Rare Earth, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Rita, White Noise, Lotte & Leherb, Tender, Ike & Tina Turner, Chakachas, Swamp Dogg, Grace Jones, Kool Keith, N*E*R*D, De La Soul, Lil’ Kim, The sisters Love, Charlie Ace & Fay, Lorna, James White & The Blacks, Lydia Lunch, Chris & Cosey, Kevin Blechdom, Mocky, Sven Väth, Miss Kittin, Khan, Blake Baxter, Stereo MC’s, Raze, Montana Sextet, Mark Grant, Bam Bam, Anneli Drecker, Whirlpool Productions, Armand van Helden, Basement Jaxx, Il Discokaines, Gretchen...


featuring Je t’aime, Wet Lips, Vibrators, Exotic Dances, Irre gut, Orgasms, Asslicking, Punanny, Stained Sheets, First Sexual Touch, Sexual Attractions, Love Thongs, Bel Amour, Boom Boom...

Compiled by: IntimDJ Cpt. Schneider
Liner Notes: Didi Neidhart (Musikmagazin Skug/Wien)
Fritz Ostermayer (FM4, Im Sumpf)
Artwork: Herburg Weiland, München,
Format: CD in Digipak with miniposter
Tracks: 69 Tracks from 1951 - 2006
Duration: four-and-a-half hours in total
Label: NORMAL Records

INDIGO (Deutschland/Germany)
HOANZL (Österreich/Austria)
K-TEL (Schweiz/Switzerland)


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